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June 16, 2009 by ScottTykoski
I really like writing journals for you guys, but I have a problem where, if I dont have time to construct something interesting (with videos or picts), I tend to focus on other tasks. This isn't a lazyman excuse, I jsut don't want to shortchange our fans.Anyways, I found Twitter to be a great in-between for anyone that wants to be kept in the loop but dosen't mind their info presented sans-excitement.

This is the first week we have everyone back from the Demigod time-vortex, so we're shi...
May 18, 2009 by ScottTykoski
Welcome to the first of several 'Countdown' journals leading up to the release of Beta 0. While we don't have a firm date for the release (several folks need to recoup from weeks of Demigod all-nighters), we still plan on getting Elemental's first playable form into your hands for June!

Boogiebac (myself) holding a Resturaunt Meeting on City Resources After seeing the amazing starships made by players (and reviewers) in GC2's ship designer, we decided fair...
January 28, 2009 by ScottTykoski
...don't allow this.


edit: I just realized what I tease this would be for users hungry for more info on the game. I promise to put something of greater significance up in the next week.

But seriously, that's a horrible starting location
November 4, 2008 by ScottTykoski
It's been a long time coming, but FINALLY, Elemental (our Turn-Based Fantasy game) has been announced to the public!  Huzzah!
You can expect a lot of posting to be done over then next 16 months, so let me introduce you to the team...
- Frogboy/Draginol (Brad Wardell): CEO, Game Designer, AI Programmer  -
For those that don't know, Frogboy is the head of Stardock, barking orders and coding things up. Needless to say, he'll be around.
- Boogiebac (Scot...
September 26, 2008 by ScottTykoski
Currently available on Impulse is Beta1 of GCII version 2.0 (we're shooting for only one major Beta, but there may be more). I'll keep exposition to a minimum, so here's that list of remaining features you'll be receiving...  New Negotiation OptionsTech Brokering is a game setup option that restricts the trading of technologies to only those you've personally researched. This keeps tech-trade-spam to a minimum and gives some extra muscle to races more technologically inclined.&nbs...
September 19, 2008 by ScottTykoski
Continuing our in-depth look at 2.0 brings us to the new Galaxy Setup options, as well as the Espionage changes people have been looking for. Again, as with all new things in 2.0, we aren't looking to revolutionize, just to bring these features to a natural completion before work on GCIII begins (which is still a way off, but still looming).  New Galaxy Options As Brad (Frogboy/Draginol) pointed out in his official Preview of 2.0, we've gone in and added some options for the ...
September 17, 2008 by ScottTykoski
We'll be talking up Political Machine Express on XM 130 (POTUS '08) tonight with Adrienne Mitchell, dishing out the dirt on Stardock's free version of our Political Strategy game!

Show info is here, and I'll be on around 8:55.
September 16, 2008 by ScottTykoski
Galactic Civilization 2 Version 2.0 is being designed to blow our other updates away. A few months back we traversed all the suggestions/requests/demands we've received since GC2:Dreadlords 1.0 and compiled a definitive list of new features to cram into our penultimate update. I think these next two are going to make alot of people happy...  External Ship Designer Yes, we've finally done it!  From the title screen, you now have the option to open up the Ship De...
September 12, 2008 by ScottTykoski
For the last few months the team has been toiling away on THREE seperate projects...Political Machine 2008, the unannounced fantasy strategy title, and GalCiv 2.0. And for those months we've kept players in the dark about 2.0...mostly because of the frantic, nose-to-the-grindstone pace we've maintained.

But now it's time....time to finally start talking about what will hopefully be the ultimate update to our little GC2 series

For those that don't know, GalCivII 2.0 is the final major upda...
September 10, 2008 by ScottTykoski
To commemorate the finalizing of the Republician and Democratic tickets (as well as the 1.5 update to PM2008), Stardock Entertainment has released a set of do-it-yourself political bobbleheads.


Print 'em out, fold 'em up, and show off your true political colors!
August 28, 2008 by ScottTykoski
For anyone in the Seatlle area, or any Stardock fans attending PAX, you should know that we'll be setting up shop during the big gaming convention.

Nestled between Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, and the food court, you’ll be able to play all your Stardock favorites, including GalCiv2, Political Machine, Sins of a Solar Empire, and the big reason we’re there...Demigod!

Hope to see you there!
June 13, 2008 by ScottTykoski
For your weekend amusement, we've cobbled together a fresh build of GC2:Twilight with some significant fixes.

You'll be seeing the official build make its way onto Impulse and SDCentral next week, but in the meantime, just copy the contents of this ZIP into your 'Program FilesStardock/TotalGaming/GalCiv2/Twilight' folder and you should be good to go!

Here's the change log:

+ NEW: Improved Starport improvement graphics

+ N...
May 9, 2008 by ScottTykoski
I wish I had time to do a proper journal entry about Politicla Machine, but there's just too much work to be done  

Next Friday I'll write up about some of the new features, but I have to say, the Bobblehead maker is pretty darn cool.
April 18, 2008 by ScottTykoski
Final testing is going well...we're all pretty happy with how things are shaping up.

A few more days then it's onto Political Machine's cruch   

It'll all be worth it when the team puts out 2 great strategy games in the same year!    Cya Wedensday!
November 30, 2007 by ScottTykoski
It's not much, but I guess we can leak a few images from the new Invasion Window.

I'll let you guys come up with your own conclusions., but let's just say we weren't making the Improvements extra-detailed for the sake of the icons

EDIT: 'if' changed to 'of' was my original intent.