The Latest, Greatest Pile of Player/Reviewer/Internal Feedback
Published on August 31, 2010 By ScottTykoski In Elemental Dev Journals

Well, here it is - our list of feedback as compiled from several review sites, this forum, other forums, and our own Q/A team. There are a few more sites I need to pick apart, but in general I feel this covers many of the egregious issues (but feel free to note anything we’ve overlooked...we want to be as thorough as possible).

The ‘Major Issues’ are the ones you’ll be seeing fixed ASAP. Ideas/suggestions will be re-prioritized and completed as proper solutions are determined.

- Major List (Crashes/Stability/Etc.) -

  1. Late game Slowdown!!!!
    1. Tweaking LODs on tile designs so they fade out better
    2. Any code tweaks that improve this
    3. P:\Ken\Elemental Testing\Aug28\AutoSave.EleSav
      1. late auto-play game from Ken, 30k turns in
    4. Slowdown between turns
    5. Feedback
      1. “my only real gripe (other than the balance tweaks, and improvements to the tech tree and magic system *grins*) is with the "end game" slow.... churn....... of............. death..................... “
      2. “the game just become VERY slow. I have good computer, I do not think it should slow down like that. More over, it seems that it just hits some kind of barrier, like in 20 turns around turn 150 it converts from OK to run game, to nearly impossible to run.”
      3. “Is anyone else's games slowing down by the time they get to turn 100? This is on small maps and without fail after awhile, there's a slight delay to everything I'm doing. Unless I zoom to cloth map mode I basically have a half second lag to every command I attempt which is super annoying.”
  2. Memory Leaks
    1. On Win7-64 machines with ATI Cards...
      1. “Now that the game has bitten me, I am getting the 'out of memory' error on my very beefy new home rig. It's Win7-64 and an ATI card. This needs to be fixed.”
      2. “I started getting the 'out of memory' error after about 300 turns.This is the ATI+Win7 thing, right? ”
  3. Alt+Tab Crashes
  4. City Details List
    1. Paul gave his dxpacks to me for this screen, so I can look at hooking it up when I’m done with the app (charles)
  5. XML Fixes
  6. Console App for making
  7. MP Specific spellbook
    1. No Tactical Spells
    2. Low, High level strategic counterparts to former tactical spells
  8. MP Specific ADVENTURE trees
    1. kingdom renamed “Exploration”
    2. empire renamed  “Exploitation”
    3. add quest related techs removed and stitched up
  9. Magic Calculations / More Exciting magic system/ Mana Regen
    1. build do min-max damage, not 0-max (Bruno), DONE NO CHECKED IN.
    2. feedback
      1. “The schools are not sufficiently distinct from each other. Mana regen is too slow for pure casters. The damage done by magic scales poorly against more advanced squads.”
      2. “the spells are boring beyond belief although I did like the spells that you could cast on your cities. However, the tactical spells are all the same with a few minor differences between them.
      3. “Mana regeneration 1 mana / turn makes tactical magic system pretty much useless later in the game.  Most of my battles are might focused because of mana regeneration limits.  I expect to use at least one tac magic per battle, yet the current mana regeneration system makes it impossible. I believe I was able to use tac magic effectively in about 1 battle out of 90 battle fought due to this limit.”
  10. Late game Stuck Turn-buttons
    1. Some are reported to be fixed by disabling auto-explore
    2. others are thought to be caused by auto-resolve battles not playing properly
    3. Feedback
      1. “Finally had a gamebreaking bug actually - Dunno what happened, the game isn't locked up or anything, but if I try to advance to the next turn nothing happens, reloaded the game a few times, looks like I'll have to see what my autosaves look like.”
  11. If the user places a building with a ‘x per city’ limit, they will be able to keep placing them if you dont click off or reselect another improvement (Anthony)
    1. “When building just about anything, I find that the cursor 90% of the time will not reset, and I can build a second copy of it (doesn't matter if it's a Faction wonder, Royal wonder, whatever) in the same city.” (
  12. Gold from treaties isn’t properly given to the player
  13. AI Improvements
    1. Protecting its Sovereign / No Suicide Attacks
      1. “So I head up to his next falls quickly...enemy king was inside and has been ejected on one side....he's in my territory. Attack again and he dies....War ends, much larger empire collapses...they really need to make sure the AI protects its kings if this is going to be magic bullet way to win a war you shouldn't be able to”
      2. “My current game is going well so far, although three empires fell to my sword by sending their sovereign into my territory without a strong army at their back. Silly AI.”
    2. Ships?
      1. “I've heard player's mention that there's also no tactical battle yet for boats either, but this doesn't seem to be an issue since I have never, ever seen an A.I. ship -- it would make me think twice about carrying my doom stacks if I did.”
    3. Using Magic More
      1. “ I hope Brad teaches it what to do with magic sometime. It ain't gonna make me gnash my teeth helplessly if it doesn't take advantage of the game mechanics...Just one spell immune bone ogre would have beaten me fair and square. Just one! My troops were so terrible even a deflected, hasted unit or two wouldn't have saved the day. They had three of the buggers!”
    4. City Building
      1. “...I saw one [AI city] made up entirely of 13 houses. It's food production was completely in the negative and they had the little fish sign over it. There was no reason why it should have had that many houses and absolutely NOTHING else.”
  14. Sound Cutting Out in Late-Game
    1. “I have still sound issues and graphic issues as well. After about 2~3 hours playing, all the music completed phase out.”
    2. Sound cuts out then crash (

- Minor List -

  1. A pioneer on a boat can build a city in the water
    1. “I loaded a transport with a pioneer, noticed that the pioneer could still build a settlement so I did. On water. Couldn't make any improvements, but I could make units.”
  2. Upgrade paths for Minor cities
    1. 3 levels, or the full 5 levels of upgrade options?
    2. Crystal Mining Settlement
    3. Ore Mining Settlement
    4. Arcane Settlement
    5. Technological Settlement
  3. Teleoprt Spell Confusion/Bugs
    1. Can’t use the teleport spell if the leader isn’t casting it
      1. “I cast the spell to give another leader spell casting ability.That worked, he got 6 mana. He is in my killer stack with the sovereign. I made him active and tried to cast teleport, because the whole purpose was to save all the sovereign's mana for combat that I was always using to teleport. He spent the 5 mana, but the stack didn't move.....”
    2. Only your territory can be targeted, even though it says “Friendly”
      1. “ still says 'friendly' in the description. It doesn't go to territories with non-aggression agreements, so I can't figure out what the difference is.”
  4. Random Crashing, apparently from Caravans
    1. “But I think there's a pattern now. Seems like every time a caravan gets killed and has already established a road, that the new caravan (under some bizarre bug, I assume) is so fast it gets to the trade target instantly once I dispatch it, and that somehow crashes the game.”
    1. “There is a reasonably long learning curve involved here.  However, it is far less than the curve for a "comparable" game like Civilization.”
  6. Stacking of Items (Scott)
    1. can no longer quipe INFINITE # of items - handled both in the CChampion level (see Equip Accessory) and in the UI
      1. “ There is no limit on the numbers of magical things you can equip on a hero so you can (for instance) put on scores of things that let you take more actions in combat which really distorts things.”
      2. “My hero units can wear infinite numbers of amulets, rings, and other packs... In time, my one hero unit wiped out everything in the map. (the hero wears 100s of amulets and 100s or rings)”
    2. probably want to discuss the proper ‘slot’ system that we want to eventually use (2 rings, 1 pack, etc, etc) for but now this beats the ‘no limit’ system in 1.06
      1. “ i don't need d2/wows lame equipment pane.  A better UI and definitely 2 rings/1 ammy are musts, but frankly, the whole hack/slash/action genre has been using that same weak UI forever now”
  7. Difficult to determine if a tile is a ‘Beach’ when docking a ship
    1. Should have icons/some way to identify beaches  on tactical map
    2. “I discovered that there are places that look like beaches but which aren't considered beaches. ...seems they show up where two different types of terrain come together.”
    3. “ plan to load a pioneer on a ship and then go found a city along the coast doesn't seem to be working, [I can’t dock and unload the Pioneer] even when there is a slope available.”
  8. Opponents Placed in order of first available Starting Position
    1. The problem with is this that, in general, map makers will place starting positions in relative proximity (1, then 2 nearby, then 3 near that, etc) expanding outwards.
      1. “so for every map does the player start in the middle? it seems like im always in the middle blocking off all the countries from each other so nothing ever happens”
    2. We need to COMPLETELY RANDOMIZE the starting placement of these races.
  9. Misc
    1. “I built a transport boat, had it leave the city... into a land tile. It was stuck forever.”
    2. “I built a city a tile or two away from the water. I could only build stuff on the 4 squares between the city and the water, no matter how large the influence was.”
      1. This may be the “cannot place a building x tiles from another city”...perhaps not being notified properly?
    3. ”The first summon that the "evil" tech tree gets (names are escaping me ATM) has a move that hits the entire field for 10 damage - it's way OP but I'm not complaining. The first couple of times I used that ability, however, the entire screen got covered in stretched-out particle-effect-looking artifacts.”

- Bugs -

  1. Stacking with an Enemy unit instead of Attacking Them
    1. “Any reason I would get an attack icon and then stack with the bandit instead of killing him like I need to?...Went away when I rebooted and reloaded....”
  2. AI will not accept a treaty, even though they say it’s cool
    1. “How do you get trade treaties to work? No matter what I do, he says the treaty is not acceptable...Istart off purposing the trade and its not balanced. I add gold until the "sounds good, I accept" button lights up. Then when I click it, he says he can not accept. I have even added over 2x the gold needed to make it acceptable. People have said they get this to work. What am I missing?”
    2. “If you don't hit "ok" on the gold popup then even if you see the gold on the menu with the trade treaty it doesn't seem to apply it.”  <-- I thought this was alright behavior, if you don’t click OK the deal cancels and reverts to what it was before, should it not do that? (from Sarah)
  3. Resoln “Death Worsiping” Ability not working, or not displayed properly?
    1. “ I still don't know what the death worship does for the Empire of Resoln. It says it gives a 10 HP bonus, but to who or what does it give it to.”
  4. Twitchy Mouse
    2. “The game has odd mouse and hotkey problems and reminds me of the Disciples 3 release in that manner.”
    3. “Yeah, the mouse gets all wonky and only wants to move barely one unit portrait over.” (talking about the city context ‘stationed units’ medallion list)
  5. City Build List Listing Buildings Incorrectly?
    1. “I have yet to divine why some cities are allowed to build some improvements and not others.  That is especially frustrating when, for instance, I have specialized the cities by building them near map resources like lost temples, only to find out that even when they reach level 4 or 5, I cannot access the temples in those cities, but can in cities with no arcane labs even yet built!”
  6. Unit Designs remain available from Game-Within-A-Game
    1. “Another bug, I presume, is that when you start a new game you seem to still have access to some of your unit designs from the previous game(s). I could train Kingdom peasants while controlling an Empire sovereign/race. Plus I think it even showed the option for party without me having researched it, though I didn't have the resources to try if that worked.”
  7. Build City Camera Weirdness
    1. “...the camera bug is the one that happens if you have city zoom view off, where you click somewhere and it just pops your building somewhere else. I think the connecting resources to your city is by design, because if they are connected they are counted as 'part' of the city and roamer NPCs can't demolish them.”

- Ideas / Suggestions -

  1. Random Events
    1. “These are needed. World-cracking, terrain deforming, and devastating random events that make the turns more than just waiting for your troops to finish so you can send off a third army to the front, down to as mundane get a new fertile tile. Random Events are a staple [in 4x], not because they are "cool,"...but because they give some rather jarring aspects to the game that players need to react to...”
    2. “We definitely need random events (it's shocking that it's not in here already)! ”
  2. Battle Improvements
    1. Damage Calculations
      1. “A lot of games use 1DN rolls,  they are quick, easy to implement, and WRONG.” (
    2. Attack and Resistance types (blunt, piercing, fire, lighting, etc)
      1. need to be properly listed in the UI
    3. AI
      1. “The tactical AI also doesn't work well and just seems to pick one target and ignore all else while beating a path to it.
    4. Formations
      1. “... the initial formation cannot be changed by the user (or perhaps I was just never smart enough to discover how)... The ability to start a battle with your archers at the rear, melee forward and hero where you need him would be a very nice improvement to the game.”
    5. vs. AutoResolve
      1. “And yeah, the auto resolve sucks big time. I've actually lost archers in scenarios where only a couple of slow enemies were involved.”
    6. Overall Feedback
      1. “Tactical combat is too simplistic. It needs more decisionmaking. Different damage types (and defenses against each), zones of control, attacks of opportunity, etc. Right now, it's just 'ranged guys in back, infantry up front and rumble'”
      2. “ wish there was a way to speed up animations during tactical battles. Autoresolving is not an option, since that almost always results in some unit taking damage. Clicking through battle after battle watching my longbowmen mow down enemies gets old. Is there a way to speed up animations?”
  3. Champions
    1. Leveling
      1. “I really liked how Heroes level up in games like AoW or King's Bounty. I like being able to choose new abilities to further customize them as they level up, not just adding a stat point here and there.”
    2. Overall Feedback
      1. “....Champions are really, basically totally uninteresting. It costs too much gold to kit them out so that they can actually battle against anything (and even then, they will still be in huge trouble against any sort of mid/late-game monster). No decisions in upgrading, except whether to make them mages or warrior. The only point in the game when they are really useful is in the start to explore. Meh.”
      2. “This is one of the reasons why NPC warriors just aren't that useful. If you get a NPC adventurer up to level 7, no matter how well armed and armored he is, or where you've put his points on level up, he is just not going to compare well to some stack of 12 regular units with their stats all added together.” (discussing the strength of unit groups)
  4. More Uniqueness to the Factions
    1. people like varied text, saw folks comparing Procipinee’s attitude towards the fallen in comparison to Relias
      1. “I don't get the complaint that the factions aren't "memorable". They each seem to have their own quirks to me. Procipinee opens every first contact with an Empire with something equivalent to "I will f***ing end you!", and seems to be the most likely one out of the Kingdoms to go to war. Her text alone seems to infer that she's one crazy zealot toward's wiping the Empires out. Though she's as friendly as she could be toward's other Kingdoms.” (
    2. ask for unique buildings, tech, units, spells, etc.
      1. “I'd like this more if the kingdoms weren't all so samey”
      2. “One thing that I think they should have taken from Alpha Centauri is the way that the voice overs for the various techs and wonders really fleshed out the factions. Right now it feels like the world isn't exactly generic fatasy but not really fleshed out either.”
      3. “Also, I still can't believe that every goddamn unit you can produce (that I've seen, at least) is a fucking human with a different outfit. GC2 had a bunch of different chassis' (is that the right plural form?), games like Alpha Centauri had plenty of different base templates to build from...but this seems to just have "human" to build from.”
      4. “Well... if you research the right upgrades, you can unlock the ability to create darkling and ogre and spider units and stuff? But you can't modify them. That's all I got. I do hope more crazy races are in the works.”
      5. “Some basic simple visual differences between different faction towns would just be nice. "Tarthans" I think are the most distinctive faction but their towns don't seem very "Tarthan", and neither do much of their game mechanics.”
  5. UI Improvements
    1. City Building
      1. “it is often hard to figure out why you cannot do something, such as construct a building. The lacking element does appear in red font -- but *all* the material requirements appear in a (very slightly darker) red font.”
      2. need to show the Queue and the city resources at the same time
    2. Diplomacy
      1. “Is there a way to see how many turns there are left in a non-agression treaty?”
    3. Unit Design
      1. “The costs/effect of various pieces of equipment are all over the map--so much so that it's actually kind of a chore to design anything, because you have to spend all sort of time trying to determine if there is a cheaper and more efficient way to build a unit with exactly the same stats. Very often, there is.”
    4. Tooltips / HUD
      1. Better, more informative tooltips when rolling over resources in the top bar. List the cities producing the +X resources per turn, if applicable.
      2. HUD listing what’s being built/trained...status bar to reflect it, turns to complete
      3. Empiretree: rollovers on the little squares to display the unit/building it’s affilated with
  6. Cheesing the System
    1. Demolishing housing after leveling up
      1. “ there any downside to destroying all your houses once you have reached city level 5? I've not done it, but since cities only need houses to level up, I don't think it would be a problem. Obviously, this would likely be considered a bug, but I'm still curious if it's possible.”
      2. “you will need something like 10 houses to get your cities up to 1250 in population (max level), but once they hit level 5 you will have capacity for 2000 pops, but since there is no point in having a high population beyond going up in levels, you might as well start demolishing all those houses to make space for some more interesting buildings”
    2. more
  7. Dynasty System
    1. Numeric Kids Ages
      1. “Right now, my 25 year old sovereign has a 21 year old son. Amazing!”
      2. “I think they should just change the numerical age to a descriptor, like "child"; "youth"; "young adult" etc, if that's what they are after.”
    2. Children Stats
      1. “The dynasty thing is just... weird. Had a son grow up... he had 236 mana, regenerated 8 a turn, but had 6 INT and 1 Combat Point.”
  8. Strength of Grouping Types gets Out-Of-Control
    1. “Squads get *very* powerful. I don't think a champion-centric strategy is viable after the first half of a game.”
    2. “A company needs to be handled in combat calculations as 12 individuals where each individual gets some sort of bonus for being part of a larger team. Treating it as a single mega-unit is both counter-intuitive and has a nasty impact on the rest of the game.”
    3. “Beyond re-designing the way mob bonuses work, combat desperately needs to separate the to-hit & to-damage mechanics. But if we're in the armchair designer corner, I have a couple of pages worth of things I'd like to see included, like rules for what units can actually target, how unit morale and army morale are handled, and many, many other things. Basically, I'd like some proper wargame mechanics instead of the "simpler & more broken than Disciples 3" mess we have now.”
    4. Lots of Damage Calculation Feedback here...
  9. Item Shop
    1. UI Improvements
      1. Need to be able to see what equipment the selected guy has / change in stats with the selected shop item
      2. “Do I really have to remember what items I have equipped when I go shopping? Really?? Because I can't.”
    2. Item Costs
      1. “Item costs are all over the map and need a balance pass.”
  10. Overall Balance
    1. Traits
      1. “The trait (talent?) "Organized" lets your Sov's army travel the same speed as your Sov. That is amazingly good from the start, but it gets ridiculous towards the end. Give your Sov a mount and a few magic items and, boom!, the whole army gets 7 moves. Traverses a medium map in a few turns.”
    2. Archers
      1. “bows need to be nerfed....[I play with] squads of bows, long or short, and a single hero. (Add an elemental or two if you need it.) Works a little bit too well.”
      2. “People who are saying Archers are too effective must have never seen catapults. THOSE are severely overpowered. Archers, however, seem to rarely kill anything.”
    3. Combat Calculations (Glass Cannons)
      1. “On first glance it looks reasonable: attacker generates damage between 1 and their attack value, defender reduces that by 1 to their defense value, and the defender takes the difference (if any) as damage. The problem is it is not unusual to get units with attack and/or defense in the 100s *but* it is almost impossible to get units (especially heroes) with that many hit points. That means if your super duper level 20 fighter with 100 attack and 100 defense runs into something like a troll the troll can kill them with one blow OR do no damage whatsoever.”
    4. Resource/GH Placement
      1. “....half the time your starting location does not have ready access to a gold mine.  This is such a crippling strategic drawback that when it occurs you would be better off immediately starting over”
      2. “Resource distribution seems off. There's far more materials than one will ever need, since the game puts heavy leaning on the necessity of gold. There needs to be more of a favoring for other resources to make it worthwhile for you to plant a city next to that Old Grove and get those extra materials.” (
      3. “I see posts about maps being devoid of resources, and others about there being so many its too crowded (I have had both experiences in different patch versions).”
      4. “There's definitely some weirdness with a lot of the things that spawn on the map. I had one game where my early adventuring and picking up the junk on the map led to me finding 3 sand golem flutes or whatever they're called within the first 5 turns. I pretty much just killed every civilization I encountered without issue Most of my other games though, I never find even a single one.”
      5. “And yes I'm about to start a new game and construct my cities like bananas so I can actually have cities that produce resources. I bitch out of love.”
      6. “I've gotten around this by typically building my cities in a crescent shape. Or bananatowns if you prefer. The only time I've had to include a resource has been when one of the discovery techs plopped one too close to a city, or I've accidentally linked a resource through the camera bug.”
        1. Scott Says: I’ve heard of people making these ‘banana-cities’...what does this mean, how does it help with resource gathering?
    5. Starting Placement
      1. “...perhaps it was an odd coincidence but in the 8-10 times I tested it I started every game in the dead center of the map surrounded by enemies (when I had four enemies).  Never once was I on the side or a corner.”
  11. Content
    1. More Items
      1. “It is almost all for melee fighters with only 2 items for archers and *nothing* for spell casters.”
      2. “Yes, the higher end hammers completely demolish anything. I'm starting to feel that the unit design system is actually leading to somewhat stale gameplay because there are no real special abilities to speak of. Every new tier of gear you get is just flat out better than the previous tier. Once I unlock lord hammers and master plate, there's no longer any decision making.” (
  12. Flesh out Advisor System (Janusk Improvements)
    2. “...redefine the methods of Janusk-addition. Make the advisor a chargen choice (you could even associate a cost to it, so players could opt to not have an advisor if they so choose), and for those who opt to have one, increase his reputation considerably so that female sovereigns can't get married eons before male.”
  13. Minor Factions / Neutral Cities
    1. “On the note of Independent Factions, let's make them a little more useful, shall we? Right now they exist just to be conquered. They should have faction-specific items available....The imperative thing is that these are unique, including the faction-specific ones. Right now there's no unique flavor involved in these things, why buy from these entities when you can tech up the magic line and buy them from your own places? “ (
    2. “Next to do for them, make it capable to recruit mercs from them.”
  14. Random Loot
    1. The Lorebook talks about items dropped by creatures...we need those in the game!!!!
      1. Wolf Pelt icon
      2. Skath Fin icon
      3. Drake Tooth icon
      4. Dragon Egg  icon
    2. TreasureDefs held and used by UnitTypes
    3. Feedback
      1. “Getting gold from killing things is well and good, and the main way I fund my growing empire as well. However it would be nice if we got random drops now again.”
      2. “Something besides gold,  Killed a creature that in its description  that the scales from this creature were sought after to make armor... would be nice if they would drop some...  even if it took 10 or so to have something made from... would be better.. ..  ”
      3. “Make this true if I kill a sovereign who had hoarded night stones .. not my fault he came to raid stuff in my territory...  ”
  15. Item Forging
    1. I would like to see the editor revamped as something that could work in-game for item creation, taking ingredients and making cool stuff (without having to be in the workshop).
    2. Feedback
      1. “... adding a forging system would be a help, and I believe you are working on that for enchanting items and such?”
      2. “Item creation..... was looking forward to being able to enchant stuff... Sigh... ”
  16. City Spam
    1. At one time we had discussed a ‘Governing’ or ‘Administration’ ability that dictated the # of cities you could have, or total level of cities, or something...still a possibility?
    2. Building Limits / Razing Options when Conquering
      1. “There must be also some kind of mechanism to prevent building so many cites. Even when you conquer new ones, you should be able to destroy city because it is too hard to maintain or something. Because maintaining 10+ cities is ugly.”
      2. “Oh, and you guys mentioned razing do I do that? I hate capturing all of these minor civ cities that can't grow past size 1.”
  17. Summoning
    1. Feedback
      1. “Summoning [should] be done in a city that have a Summoning Circle...Summoning Circle can be researched from the Magic Tech tree...Summoning Circle [should require] at least one Crystal to be 'linked' to a city (within the city area of influence)...Can only summon creatures related to a 'linked' Crystal”
  18. Post-Victory
    1. “Am I the only one who wishes you could keep playing after "winning?"”
    2. “No hiscore-list or playback?!? I want to bask in my glory, dagnabbit!”
  19. Notable Locations
    1. “Elemental's system of having Notable Locations and NPC heroes materialize on the map when you research some completely abstract tech is just sort of weird and unthematic. Getting a new level in Notable Locations or Heroes is sort of like putting on the glasses from They Live. Suddenly, powerful heroes everywhere! Or, as in Tom's Figit post, skyscraper-sized haunted castles right next to your capital. And if you aren't on the leading edge of the research for these things, you end up exploring a map that is filled with cool things that you aren't allowed to interact with, which is just sort of frustrating.... If you want to walk in to an ancient ruin and take a stab at a Great Drake with a unit of spearmen, MoM is perfectly willing to let you try.”
    2. “I agree with a lot of your points, but I have to disagree here. I really love the way Elemental handles the notable locations, I love that I reveal more as I delve deeper (Oooh, there's an unintentional pun) into the Adventure tree. It gives an advantage for pushing hard on that tree first at the expense of some of your others. Just a matter of preference, though, both systems certainly have their merits.”
    3. More back and forth on the matter at...


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on Sep 03, 2010

if you get all that done the game will get my personal allstar classics award


- It would be nice to have ships with more then only one slot, so landing parties might have a chance to survive. i am not completly through with all tech trees and didn't play a game to the end so if i am missing something "sry"

- The regulation to build only on tiles next to the last build on tile is sometimes a pain ..., perhaps it is possible to stretch that a bit.

- Sometimes when i delete houses for making it possible to develop another city , the game tells me that i am not allowed to, could you programm it in a way that i got the option to delete it anyway even if it costs me the smaller part of a city which is conected through the part i wanted to delete.

- UI, when i selected a city and want to selct another city, i have to click somewhere in the landscape, sometimes several times to unselect, before i can select a new city. If i would click on the new city directly with having the last city still selected it would center on the last city.

- why is it that my casters or archers are at the very frontline in a battle every time? Can you give us an army display where we can position them so the casters and archers are in the backlines and the hammer wielding "youmaydietroops" are in the front line? Or just programm it in a way that they are standing at the very end of the battle map, behind my other troops.




on Sep 03, 2010

Very good point fivecoins.  It would be nice to be able to edit your army's configuration when entering a battle.  This doesn't have to be something that's done every single time you enter a battle, but perhaps an option button for any group.  This way you can put your bruisers up front and casters in the back (once they fix the spell casting--I KNOW they will!!!  For goodness sakes--it's WAR OF MAGIC!!! )  Or, if you want to make it a bit more complicated, also have the option for tech levels in strategy, perhaps allowing you to reposition your troops prior to an engagement (being able to get your bruisers much closer at the start, etc.). 

Hey... I'll go buy a Cray supercomputer today to take care of the slowdowns... I'll overlook the inability to set troop formations... I'll happily just reload the game when it crashes... just please, please, please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,PLEASE fix the magic!!!!  

on Sep 03, 2010

This is a bug with the built in IRC chat:

Seems if your account name is not a valid IRC name (mine starts with a hyphen) it fails to join the chat if you log in first. If you log in after joining chat, it tells you that you've changed your nick, and it prefixes your own messages with your account name, but others still see you as guest_x.

on Sep 03, 2010

Think I found another bug - might have been caused by the latest release (1.07), but I think its pretty minor.  I don't have the game in front of me so I can't think of the specific building, but the building you can create after leveling up magic several times that grants a regen bonus indicated that I'd be getting a 5000% increase.  I know the 5000% increase did not apply though (but I did get what was likely the intended buff). 

on Sep 03, 2010

Some minor bugs and issues:

-The descriptions for colours when making a custom faction are mismatched. The selectors for skin and hair colours are missing. Map colour does not seem to change no matter what I do (edit: this seems to be skin colour and only changes when I swap race). The preview model does not seem to update when I change colour. There is no preview for buildings or other things the colours might apply to. Changing the faction colour also changes the 3 colours beneath it.

-My units tend to disregard terrain type when I tell them to go somewhere far away, and eagerly travel trough woods instead of plains. They also sometimes accidentally attack or get attacked by neutral NPC while doing this (not verified with v1.07 yet).

-Cycling trough idle units selects all units with remaining movement points instead of units with no orders; this gets particularly annoying when you have a lot of caravans in play. Newly created units can not be cycled to unless you manually eject them from cities first; this is particularly annoying with pioneers and caravans.

on Sep 03, 2010

-If you have 0 gildar, you cannot open the train unit window (In case you want to customize or look at stats/costs).

on Sep 03, 2010

If a unit stacks with other units on his/her last movement point, all movement points for all units in the stack are depleted.

on Sep 03, 2010

Autosaves do not save units which finished training at the start of the turn. As if the save step occurs after the city removes the finished unit from the production queue, but before the unit is spawned into the world.

on Sep 04, 2010

I want you to add random like Diablo and the怀Rare, the item, and the monster as RPG element.

Moreover, I think that there may be dungeons other than quest by you.

on Sep 05, 2010

My list, in no particular order...

1:  A screen listing all our cities, one line per city and one column per stat/thing-produced.  Let us jump to the building or unit-recruiting screens from there.  Make it like the screen in GalCiv2.

2:  In the item shop, let us see what the hero already has (like item 9A in the master list).  Maybe show the unit in the left part of the screen, or maybe just show items he already has in a different color in the shop item list - that would work just as well and might be easier to code.

2a:  let us buy and equip on our hero at once.  Maybe have separate "buy" and "buy and equip" buttons.  (If they do the latter, graying-out the "buy & equip" is another easy way to let us see what the hero already has).

2b:  organize the item shop so we can have it show only armor / weapons / special-items.  Also let us filter out low-end items once we have better stuff.

3:  fix the "next idle unit" routine.  It currently seems to cycle thru all units not it cities, including caravans, whether they are idle or not.  Please make it skip caravans unless they are actually idle.  Then I can see uses to either or both "next unit not in a city" or "next idle unit" as long as they button does what it says.

4:  Fix the bug where hostile units sometimes end up on the same square without fighting. 

4a:  Fix the bug where trying to attack a caravan next to a city I just captured, makes my army move out, then the autoresolved battle does nothing, and the caravan remains on the map and my army has lost a movement point for nothing.

5:  Fix the delays in tactical combat.  REALLY.  It has to move faster to be fun.  And now that the beta is over, fun is no longer forbidden 

on Sep 06, 2010

Is there anything planned to address late game mechanics? Right now it is boring and tedious...

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