The Making of Holiday Knights
Published on September 1, 2006 By ScottTykoski In PC Gaming

The following journal entries are a series of Game Development logs that will track my progress through a 18 week project. Game development relies on two very different skill and programming...and since I'm doing both, it'll be interesting to see how to best manage my time.

As of now, the game hasn't been annouced, but the game's title is Holiday Knights, and it will (if everything goes smoothly) be a Christmas Side-scroller released in 4 episodic chunks starting late November.

I hope these journals give aspiring game developers (and even just casual gamers) a sneak peek into what it takes to build a game from the ground-up.

[Update: Sept 15, 2006] Looks like I won't have enough time to finish the game to my liking. I'll still be working through the 18 weeks, but the new goal is a fully functioning sandbox level that shows off the different abilities of the engine. Next year I'll focus on the game's content and get it really polished for Christmas 2007. Hope I didn't disappoint anyone



Week 1

Week 2


Week 3

Week 4

Week 5


Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


Week 9 (NEW!)

on Sep 03, 2006
Nice graphics - but how will it play?

Best of luck, and when you're done, I'll be there.
on Sep 04, 2006
WoW looks great, wish I had some artistic talent :/
on Sep 06, 2006
Deference: Click on the image for Week 7 to see a playable version of the most recient build...that should give you an idea of how the game will play.

iTZKoopa: Drawings not all that takes too much time away from coding
on Nov 20, 2007

It's been a year . . don't tell me that GalCiv thing has been taking up all your time.