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Published on August 25, 2006 By ScottTykoski In Game Journals

Not much time to write up a journal this week, so I'll just rattle off what got accomplished....

1. Test Enemy Animations: I made animations for the "Fake Ice Thug" monster that causes trouble in the game's first level. Still have more to go, but the main ones are up and running.

2: Enemies in the Game: Bad guys will now pace back and forth and get hurt when the player smacks them.

3. Moving Environment Object: You'll note that the hanging garden beds in these images are in different spots in each picture. In the current build, objects can inherit the "moving back n forth" logic of the enemies, and the player can stand on them and move around. Still need to get them moving vertically.

4. Rooms that lead into other Rooms: What you can't tell from these shots is the engines ability to have spots on the map that will take the player to a new map, so the above room is actually reached by traveling off the left side of the map you start on. Also, the maps are now stored in separate files, a necessity for episodic distribution (yeah, still shooting for multiple episodes).

Unfortunately, some of the changes to the map handling didn't port over to the web version, so no playable example this week. Hopefully that'll be fixed for week 7.

Until then!

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on Aug 26, 2006
Are you planning on having something like doors?(eg push up and go into another room (hope you understand what I'm saying))
Any possibility on a map maker so players can make their own map?
Since none of the people from Stardock have said it yet, Looking good and Rock on man!
on Aug 26, 2006
Yeah, there'll definatly be doors (ala castlevania and the like), hopefully allowing for some intricate and fun level design.

As of right now, no map maker will be availabe I'm hoping this engine will be robust enough to allow a new version of Lightweigh Ninja to be made (or, perhaps a new IP entirely), and for that I'll DEFINATLY be pushing for a map and episode generator for anyone that want's to whip up their own levels.

Thanks for the feedback, hopefully next weeks journal will be more interesting