Laying the Groundwork for v1.1
Published on October 7, 2010 By ScottTykoski In Elemental Dev Journals

Hey Everyone,

Tonight you’ll be able to update to v1.09E of Elemental. There are several bugfixes and tweaks in it, but the major change is the shift to a public Multiplayer build. If you’ve been playing the ‘release candidate’ MP builds, we suggest turning off ‘Show Pre-Release’ versions for anyone that has it selected that ONLY wants the official updates).

After 1.09E we’ll be shifting all our energies onto v1.1, where you’ll start to see the major gameplay shifts be officially implemented (a lot of the necessary code is actually in the builds you’re playing, to switch just hasn’t been flipped).  I’m sure you’ve seen Brad’s posts on our plans, but the major items being addressed in 1.1 are:

+ Tactical Battles (edit: sorry, this isn't v1.1...sorry for my confusion): Working on a seperate branch, the guys have the new battle system implemented and are playtesting it as we speak. You’ll be seeing a new UI, new system for using special abilities, and the new streamlined ‘Initative’ based turn ordering system. Rumor has it it’s ‘considerably better’, but I’ll settle for ‘much better’.

+ Magic: Universal mana pool and cleaned up spellbook management are what 1.1 will bring to the wizards table. No more enchantment slot cheese-tactics and summon spamming. Now each enchantment results in a per-turn drain on that global pool, so you’re going to have to make some serious choices when casting those high level spells. And I think we can all agree...the more interesting choices, the better!

+ Cities, Population management, and the AI: These are Brad’s big areas atm, so I wont steal his thunder, but I’ve been told the City changes will result in a more competent AI, so get excited to...lose more?

And of course bug fixes, memory fixes, performance improvements, UI improvements...but that’s v1.1.  Today, we have 1.09e, which should be available in the next few hours!


----------- Elemental v1.09e Change Log -----------

** Fixes / Tweaks **

+ Fixed a bug where loot could go nuts (pioneers giving millions of Gildar)
+ Grand kids should no longer defect to dead factions
+ Map list now has tooltips & lists the map size
+ When you load a map from the world setup screen, it now updates the world size spinner
+ Fix: Minor Water Elemental summon (from Lord of Sea spell) and Storm Giant now have their “Drowning Strike” abilities
+ Heal spell working properly (Unit “CurHealth” modifiers now work with Min/Max value calculations)
+ City List now features tooltip explaining red popupation
+ Bug Fixed: ‘Resource Changed’ event not firing when the resource was already in the player’s pool (broke chapter 5 of the campaign)
+ Trigger for ‘Resource Ammount Met’ no longer requires the player to have been BELOW the required amount the turn before
+ Consolidated most of the SP/MP xml files, eliminating discrepencies between MP and SP files
+ fixed leaked ref with starting spellbook spells.
+ on new unit design screen, when hovering over or selecting an item that has no "attributes" or "costs", those labels in the selection context area will not be shown. An example is when you hover or select a hairstyle from the [OTHER] tab, equipping hair has no benefits or costs, but the labels were still showing up, which looked dumb.
+ Fixed bug where mounted units did not generate their portraits properly
+ Fixed bug where after renaming a city, the old name would still be displayed on the cloth map
+ AI being limited by the UnitType “AllowGrouping” tag (won’t groups catapults to assult the player)
+ City List: RED population when there’s not enough housing
+ City List: doubleclicking an entry acts the same as seleting it and pressing “Details”
+ City Building Mode
- turn off camera bounds clipping (fixed bug where the camera would jerk around,causing improvements to be oddly placed)
- selecting a friendly city in city-build mode selects it for city building
- doubleclicking a city-details improvement entry will auto-place it

** Multiplayer **

+ Multiplayer enabled in public build
+ Removed checks for duplicate factions in the choose sovereign screen so that cycling through all the AI players doesn’t leave you with no choices
+ You can now right click on the team, faction, and sovereign buttons in the game lobby to cycle backwards. (for non-AI players, right clicking does the same thing as left clicking for faction and sovereign)
+ Fixed bug where map size was always tiny in the available games list
+ Fixed bug where minor factions were picking player colors
+ Fixed bug where if there were duplicate factions, they would get all the AI designed units from the other faction
+ Fixed bug where you wouldn’t have a faction if you finished or quit out of a game (now keeps the one that was previously set)
+ If you change the world size, the map name is now cleared so that a new random map will be picked.
+ Fixed stuck turn bug caused by caravans with invalid destinations
+ I believe that I have fixed the bug where if you clicked fast enough you could build multiple instances of a limited improvement, or build two improvements on one resource
+ Fixed bug where the learning queue was not saved in mp save games
+ Fixed bug with learning spells twice by spam clicking
+ Fixed bug when choosing a spell level not getting saved



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on Oct 09, 2010

Boogie, I am crashing more.  Bitch.  Bitch.  Bitch.  I crashed on turn 200 last night and then a few turns later, and I had been lasting till about 400 before 1.09e. 

on Oct 09, 2010

i can only really bitch about how bad my computer is an IMac running bootcamp with xp... old one has like 3.2 intel Pantuam 4 and an ATI redeon x 800 really old, though elemental runs fun its far from finished can't wait for 1.1. or 31st for Minecraft. or DNF.

on Oct 09, 2010


Silly question but, did you get to reboot yet?  Anytime I see font issues it seems a kick in the OS's butt will do the trick.


Yes I rebooted but the problem remains. I might reinstall the game. Just reinstalled the game and now works with no problems.

on Oct 09, 2010

I bought the game, updated it to 1.08, then to 1.09 and this Thursday to 1.09e. After updating to 1.09e, i was unable to access my saved games created during 1.09. When I started playing Friday I was asked to update again even after I had already updated to 1.09e the day before, Thursday.

After the last update Friday I can see my saved games again, which I could not do the day before. However all is not well, as I now have the problem that I CANNOT see the box, where I should put my 'X', if I want for example 'no intro' e.g. in the options menu. This same issue also appears during tactical battle, where my channelers cannot cast spells as I cannot see the box, where the text 'Cast spell' should appear in. Furthermore nothing happens, when I click on the text 'Cast spell' or the area where the box used to be.

Another matter not entirely related to patch 1.09e however is that I would like to see more spells after spell level 11 or 12.I guess there will be more spells in patch 1.1.

I have tried to update to the newest graphic drivers (v258.96, Gefore GT 7800) on my Windows 7, 64 bit. I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall the game again. During unstalling and reinstalling, after unstall I could not reinstall from my CD so I had to download 1.8 GB from Impulse.

It is just frustating to be unable to play the game until you put forward a new patch. I might as well stick with CIV 5 even if I preferred Elemental over Civ 5.

I really like this game and I look forward to see this game polished etc. and it is my opinion that the extra 6 months (release February 2011) would have been worth the wait. However as you already released it it is good to see the support you are given this game.

on Oct 09, 2010

Mounted Combat fixed yet? Do the Devs realize many people are just not using mounts at all because of how annoying it is?


Want to add my voice to this one. The delay in horse combat animations makes me want to cry, esepcially given the number of patches out since release.

on Oct 09, 2010

A restart fixed the text not showing up for me in multiplayer setup

on Oct 09, 2010

Silly question but how long is the Campaign is it only Book 1 of Relias or is there more cause if there is I can not access it. I thought that it was looking longer when the narration showed the Queen having her daughter get close to this "adventurer" then it went to the main menu. Is this the last of the singleplayer campaign or am I getting a glitch? Thanks for the quick fix to the Capitar quest, also as far as Warn Gilden it didnt prevent me from anything but I never received anything from outside his walls. I just continued with sending my ship around the coast and caught up with the rest of the Army.

Just the one book at the moment - more to come I hear.

on Oct 11, 2010


Quoting davidjc_af,
reply 26
Mounted Combat fixed yet? Do the Devs realize many people are just not using mounts at all because of how annoying it is?


Want to add my voice to this one. The delay in horse combat animations makes me want to cry, esepcially given the number of patches out since release.

Me too!  I don't use mounts because of this.

on Oct 12, 2010

Grass vs Wasteland is so boring... Can't we just put Kraxis in Desert instead? You know, without modding it?

on Oct 13, 2010


I have a problem. I have bought the game and it is in impulse, and I can play it, and it shows my serial number. Still the game says I havent regd, and cant play mp. Why?

on Feb 25, 2011

Ask a silly question, but why is this one now messaged stuck on the top while the newest one as of today, 1.19d isnt? Sorry confused. Hopefully less OOM'ing in 1.19d.

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