The Enemies Fight Back
Published on September 8, 2006 By ScottTykoski In PC Gaming

Yet again it's a nother drive-by journal. Dark Avatar needs my complete attention, so I don't know how much time I'll be able to give Holiday Knights GC2's expansion wraps up.

Now the enemies will try and hit you back (but don't worry, you can't die...yet!)

This week I did some enemies to attack, and got in logic for players to get hurt. Also got a nice clean Hi-Res shot of Panza (aka Player 2) made.


Super Rough Gesture Scribble

Tightened Up Rough Sketch

Inked Drawning

Final Image


Oh, and I drew a penguin.

Cya next week!


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Panza Wallpaper

on Sep 08, 2006
That looks incredible!!! Great job!

Oh and I LOVE the penguin!
on Sep 08, 2006
Nice penguin
on Sep 11, 2006
Awesome! Oh and nice penguin.Try club penguin